Adult ADHD Symptoms

The symptoms of ADHD in adults are different from those suffered by children. In fact, adults with ADHD are not hyperactive, but are accident-prone and have emotional and organizational difficulties. Because of this, it is hard to diagnose the condition in adults compared to children.It cites research which indicates that about 30 to 70 percent of children with ADHD continue to display their symptoms as adults. It also reveals that the majority of adults with ADHD are unable to realize that they have the condition. However, they know that they have several impairments, including their lack of organizational abilities, their failure to keep appointments and to stay focused on their tasks, but do not usually link these shortcomings with ADHD.Several symptoms suffered by adults with ADHD include problems related to controlling anger, insomnia, mood instability, anxiety or depression and addiction to substances. Also, there are some traits displayed by adults with ADHD including erratic behavior, impulsiveness, disorganization, extreme procrastination, forgetfulness, excessive talkativeness, difficulty in completing work or their assignments in schools and bad driving record.It reveals that most adults diagnosed with ADHD are women, so there is a big possibility that many girls remain undiagnosed because of their lack of displaying disciplinary issues that can be detected easily in boys.It points out that many normal adults also show several adult symptoms of ADHD, especially when under stress or because of substance abuse, illness and too much work. To be able to correctly diagnose this condition in adults, symptoms should be present and occur continuously during their lifetime, which usually starts in early childhood. One other reason why the majority of adults remain undiagnosed is because they tend to consult their physicians to complain about other conditions that they may be experiencing.One study shows that hyperactivity in adults with ADHD declines as attention problems remain the same and their executive function difficulties tend to increase in adulthood.There are adults who were relieved when they were told of their condition because they are aware of their problematic behavior in the past. At least after the diagnosis, they will have an explanation and can move forward to choosing the right treatment option for addressing symptoms associated with the condition. These conditions that will be addressed could include inattention, lack of focus, problems related to their interpersonal relationships and problems related to organizational abilities.Knowing these things can really guide adults in determining if they have this condition. Like children with ADHD, it is still possible that they can have other co-existing mental disorders so this diagnosis can help them in exploring other conditions that they may have. Always remember that it’s not too late to manage ADHD. Moreover, managing this condition will really benefit the lives of these adults because of the difficulties that they have experienced prior to the diagnosis.With the right support given to these adults, their chance of reducing or eliminating challenges that they experience will increase. Now, they can start enjoying their life without fear.

Teaching Music to Adults and Children – Why Use Different Methods to Teach the Same Subject?

In teaching music there is a perception that you need to teach adults with different methods than children. My experience is, that although you need to adapt to the maturity level for any given subject, the methods used to teach children can and are as effective for adults.Lets take the case where I learned the music master staff along with other adults and children.The Old
When I was young I was taught with the pneumonic methods of FACE and Every Good Boy Does Fine. Although it worked to a point it never went far enough to give a solid basis in recognition other than to relate lines and spaces and a word game.The New
Years later I started from scratch with a teacher promoting power learning techniques. The technique used was in story telling creating a new land that explored music. The story wove a tail of patterns and associations that put the entire master staff in perspective.The Testing
When I later talked about why the adults were taught with the children in this group setting, we discussed how she had tested teaching methods with adults.The conclusion of the test for adults with these two different methods revealed that the story had profoundly better results. The adults retention rate was far superior when using the abstract story.The Ego
The big concern with teaching adults is getting past ego. The trick is to use the same child teaching methods but without alienating the adults and their egos.Of course that takes tact, diplomacy, and persuasion in many cases to help the adult over their mind set.Experience – 15 plus years later
For me the story stuck far more than the academic logic approach. That’s how I teach it to others today. I can recall the story or a version similar to it with very little effort.Of course it’s more than just story telling. There are additional techniques, such as flash cards, that are used to reinforce the story and this concept of learning.Give it a go
So I submit that you might try your own hand at this idea. If you are an adult student, see if you can sit in on some child classes. Observe if you don’t have a new perspective on what you are learning.If you’re a teacher, invite your adults to participate in a child’s class or experiment with two sets of adults and test the results.If you have a method that works well with adults, share it with the rest of us. We’d like to consider it as well.Of course there is no way to please everyone. I believe the idea is to accomplish a quicker, faster, higher retention rate. Student and teacher satisfaction is really the goal, because with that your more likely to keep them coming back for more.

Online Dating – The New Era

Many people in the olden days would get their dates from doing their day to day activities. Even your Mother and Father, they probably met at work or during a night out or while perusing one of their hobbies. Some people meet their dates at coffee shops and they turn to be their love of their life.However, times have changed somewhat and more so over the last decade. Today it is not uncommon for people to go on dates from people they met on the internet. In-fact, by many today, this is considered normal. After all, who uses the internet? The answer is of course simple, people like you and me, that does not mean you should go meeting people as soon as you log on the internet. Extra care should always be taken because in the end, you don’t know anything about the new person you intend on meeting, so you need to be aware of ways of going about things more safely.A good place to start would be at one of the wide array of adult dating sites online. Such places normally have a pre-screening method before they let people join. You normally have to provide a photo, some proof of who you are, and if you choose the premium services, some valid bank details to confirm that the person is who they claim.You should be very cautious about meeting people in chat rooms because you really don’t know who you are taking to in such places. You could end up talking to someone who says they are something, but it turns out they are not telling you the truth. There are many horror stories about people meeting on the internet and one of the persons turns out to be someone completely different. Again, just try to use common sense before you go meeting that new person. Try a web cam, phone calls before hand so you have a better idea of what they look like.We advise you always meet in a public place, such as coffee shop where there are lost of people. Try get to know the person. Many people have met their first loves on the internet from the various dating websites. Take caution and you could well end up meeting the love of your life.